4X4 Trail Rides

4X4 Trail Rides

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Participating in 4X4 Trail rides are the backbone of four-wheeling whether in a jeep, truck or ATV. These articles are about actual trail rides, describing where to go and what to do.

Most of the outings took place in Northern Nevada and Eastern California, without regard to Seasons or weather.

We ride year around in the snow, mud, sand, dirt, rocks and whatever else is in our path.

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Some of our destinations include the Pine Nut Mountains, Lake Tahoe, the Rubicon Trail, Desert Creek Nevada and the Sweetwater Range, Pine Grove and Rockland historic mining districts, the East Walker river, Bode to Aurora loop, Alpine County high mountain trails, Austin Nevada district and it’s back roads, Sand Mountain and many more neat 4X4 trail rides.

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We will share the locations and access points of some of our favorite riding spots, most of which end up miles off the beaten path in remote areas.

Some of my most fun rides take place in the Pine nut range behind my house. The Pine nuts are located about 25 miles east of South Lake Tahoe, not far from Minden Nevada. We have ridden as far as 100 miles in a day (round trip) and could go even further if desired.

Many friends come to our house to park their vehicles and take dirt bikes on several hundred mile rides. The opportunities are endless here in Northern Nevada due to the vast amount of BLM and US Forest Service lands to ride on. I have been riding this area since 1988 and still run across new trails and places I haven’t been. A typical ride for me and my friends is about 20 miles round trip. We ride year around in any weather only limited by the deep snow in the higher elevations in the winter.

Follow along and check back often for updates as we travel to different locations in search of some perfect 4X4 trail rides.

A typical ATV ride in the Pine Nut Mountains of Nevada!
Late spring ATV Ride… This ATV ride took place on Memorial Day 2007. It all started when my neighbor called and said he had the day off and would I like to go riding.

4X4 trip from Desert Creek to Lobdell Lake
Lobdell Lake By 4WD! Lobdell Lake, situated in Mono County NW of Bridgeport CA in the Sweetwater Mountains, offers some great Day-Trips for 4X4 enthusiasts traveling up to the 9,200 ft. high Lake.

4-wheeling up EL Dorado Canyon
El Dorado Canyon is located just above Dayton Nevada and offers 10 miles of some especially challenging 4-wheeling.

Trail Ride to Slaters mine!
Slaters mine 4×4 Trail Ride! The ride to Slaters mine offers a scenic 4×4 experience while traveling to this historical mining site, and there is always the possibility of finding some gold too!

Berry Creek, offers 4×4 off-road adventures and high altitude camping!
Explore Berry Creek by 4-wheel Drive! Berry Creek is located in the Duck Creek Range about 30 miles northeast of Ely Nevada. This scenic area abounds in exciting 4×4, off-road opportunities.

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