The Bobcat ATV Fairing Offers Safety Comfort and Looks!

The Bobcat ATV Fairing Offers Safety Comfort and Looks!

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The Bobcat ATV Fairing by National Cycle, appears a little futuristic for ATVs, but performs well, even under the most demanding of conditions.

The Bobcat ATV Fairing is a combination fairing and windshield. The fairing serves to protect the rider and parts of the ATV from bugs, branches, wind etc.

The windshield is mounted too low to function as a real windshield, it basically just extends the fairing a little higher, sort of a see through part of the fairing.

My Review
I was shopping on the internet for some better hand protectors with mirrors, when I spotted several brands of ATV windshields. Most of the windshields were large, but came with quick disconnect brackets and provided good hand protection and most were reasonably priced.

This got me thinking about how nice it would be on those cold winter days, to have some relief from the cold wind while riding my ATV. The quick disconnect feature could allow me to remove the windshield when I didn’t need it.

So I made the decision to look for the best windshield for the buck. My neighbor was in the market for a windshield too and suggested that I take a look at the Bobcat ATV Fairing. I did and liked what I saw so I read some reviews, found some technical data and decided that it was perfect for my needs.

Where to Buy
The list price for the Bobcat is $224, the street prices run from $169 to $179.00. I bought mine from Cabela’s online for $169. The Bobcat ATV Fairing only comes in black, with or without a headlight cutout depending on your ATV make and model.

First Impression I was impressed when I first opened the shipping container. The quality was immediately apparent; the fairing was strong looking and well thought out. The windshield was thick and clear, the mirrors were sturdy and the installation hardware appeared strong and simple.

The installation instructions call for a slotted screwdriver and a 9/16 wrench which work fine. The directions take a little studying in order to understand the process. Pushing the four steel arms into the ball joints by hand was the hardest part.

The whole installation took me an hour, next time I could do it much sooner (Some extra hands would help too). I found it easier to partially tighten the handlebar clamps first, otherwise the clamps slide out of position easily while adjusting the mount.

Once mounted, it takes a few minutes to attach the windshield and mirrors, and then I used a rubber hammer to adjust the brackets on the handlebars by tapping in the desired direction. Next I tightened the clamps, brought along the 9/16 wrench and rode the bike. After about 3 adjustments, I had it right where I wanted it to be.

Quick Change Options
Once installed and adjusted to your liking, you can remove the whole unit (less clamps) in under a couple minutes, just by loosening 4 bolts. You can put it back on in a couple minutes too.

With two sets of clamps, the Bobcat can be mounted on two different bikes and switched back and forth in minutes.

Other options include, removing the windshield portion or the mirrors while still retaining the hand protection. If for some reason you damaged the windshield, replacements are available for about $46 and they can be changed in minutes.

The Bobcat ATV Fairing is built tough in order to take a lot of punishment to protect both you and the bike. There is nothing cheap about it including the price.

Functionality This stylish fairing does several things; mainly it provides a windbreak for your upper torso from your knees to your neck. Your head sits above the top of the windshield, so a helmet with a full face shield comes in handy.

This Bobcat ATV Fairing fairing provides the best hand and body protection I’ve seen.

Strangely, the mounted fairing doesn’t interfere with the front rack or get in your way at all. The only real problem I can foresee is going over whoop-tee-doos and having your head come forward and hit the rubber trim on the tough Lexan, polycarbonate windshield.

What I didn’t Like
1… The price!
2… Black color, really shows the dust
3… Windshield is a little too close to upper body
4… Built in storage area is poorly located

What I liked
1… Stops about 75% of the wind factor when riding fast
2… Excellent hand and upper body protection
3… Strong functional mirrors that remain adjusted
4… Versatile, quickly remove all or part of the unit
5… Doesn’t hamper visibility
6… Tough, tough, tough!

The Bobcat ATV Fairing is in a class of its own, there’s nothing quite like it for the ATV market. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, it absolutely does not interfere with your riding style or get in the way. It just sort of conforms to the bike.

You’ll appreciate it on those cold winter days when the wind chill is below freezing. Don’t worry about breaking it, as it seems almost indestructible and it should be, for its job is to protect the rider and bike while enhancing comfort.

The bottom line, I like it and look forward to more comfortable rides this winter. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably leave it on year around!

I’ve now had the Bobcat for several years and I don’t know how I could live without it!

For more info, go to Bobcat ATV Fairing.

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