Off Road Stories to Learn From…

Off Road Stories to Learn From…

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True off road stories of the trail… for all outdoor fans and 4×4 enthusiasts alike. Has the following ever happened to you?

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Read on as I recall some memorable off road experiences involving 4×4’s, ATV’s, rattle snakes, canoes, forest fires and even airplanes!

Most of the following short-stories took place in the west, mainly in California and Nevada over a period of time that spans several decades. Although some of the stories involve hunting, fishing, gold prospecting, ghost towns and some seemingly unrelated activities, there is one common denominator… all of the following stories involve the outdoors, 4×4 vehicles and at least jeep trails.

How to get stuck over and over again
My most recent off road story took place during the fall of 2011 about 70 miles east of Fallon Nevada while deer hunting. The deer season for this particular area runs from early October to early November so the weather can be anything from really hot to snowy and cold. I encountered both on the three trips I made to this area.

The first trip took place during mid October when I had planned to take my ATV up to some high mountains close to 10,000 feet. The trip started out wrong as I couldn’t get my ATV trailer’s lights to work at all. So finally in desperation I left in my Jeep Cherokee without the ATV. When I arrived it was warm and dusty, so I drove my Jeep up the jeep trail toward the top as far as I could. I made it to the 7,100 foot elevation where I got stuck. I managed to back down to a level spot and camp for the night and spent the next day hiking the area.

The Jeep is a good 4X4 but the road was just too rough so the next week I finally fixed my trailer and took the ATV back to the same spot. I did manage to make it a couple miles past where I got stuck in the jeep. At that point the trail got so bad that I nearly rolled the ATV and got high centered on some large rocks. Got off the rocks and slid into a washout, got out of that and decided that since I was alone, I had to turn around, retreat and go someplace else. Well the next trail basically let me escape with my life after scaring me to death. I gave up at that point and returned home.

The following week in early November, my off road story continues when a hunting buddy and I tried it again in my Cherokee. This time I plotted out roads that we could successfully travel. As we were driving out early in the morning it began to snow and by the time we arrived there was up to six inches on the ground. Of course the first road we took resulted in out getting stuck in the snow at high elevation. So we had to retreat after getting unstuck.

The following day is another off road story as we teamed up with another hunter in his 4X4 pickup and got stuck a few times in the snow as well. The worst one was 15 miles from the nearest gravel road, where we fell off the road in a washed out creek bed. The left rear wheel was on the bottom of the creek up against a bank and the left front tire was 10 feet higher, with 2 inches to spare from falling into the creek. This one took about 1.5 hours and a lot of ingenuity. We had to build an extensive rock ramp for the left rear tire to travel on. Also we had to dig down through the snow to bare dirt in front of the other tires. The incline was toward the creek so the two strongest guys had to push on the side of the truck while I eased up out of the once hopeless looking hole back on to the road. This was about as bad as it gets.

I know it sounds like my friends and are idiots that don’t know how to drive off road, but the facts are, if you drive enough into rugged country on poor trails, you will get stuck sooner or later and have some of your interesting off road stories. So be prepared with winches, high-lift jacks, hydraulic jacks, shovels, pulleys, ropes straps etc. because you will probably need them a lot.

New off road story tales are being added all the time, so check back and watch the links below to see the latest.

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