Microlon Gun Juice, Firearms Treatment!

Microlon Gun Juice, Firearms Treatment!

Microlon Gun Juice has been proven to permanently increase bullet velocities, improve accuracy all while cleaning, preserving and protecting your firearms.

Microlon Gun Juice has been around since 1964 when inventor Bill Williams, a gunsmith at the time, was searching for a way to increase barrel life on his custom high velocity rifles.

The problem was that the barrels would burn out after only a few hundred rounds due to the heat and erosion created by the high velocity bullets. Bill worked on creating a formulation for coating the barrels to reduce friction, heat and extend barrel life.

He succeeded in developing a formulation that basically consists of a solvent-like carrier infused with many different chemicals that clean and add a protective coating to the minute pores in metal. The main ingredient of Gun Juice, are tiny, proprietary resin particles that fill the microscopic voids in the metal.

The Microlon resin particles have an affinity for each other and bond together forming a permanent barrier on the metal surface. The treated metal surface(s) become permanently slippery, thus greatly reducing friction, heat and wear. Bill’s product increased barrel life by thousands of rounds, while increasing both velocity and accuracy without changing any tolerances!

My Introduction to Microlon Gun Juice
During the Late 1990’s I attended a gun show in Reno with a friend. At one of the booths was a distributor selling Microlon products with whom I spoke at length. I liked what he had to say, so I bought a couple ounces of Gun Juice to try on my firearms.

Following his instructions I thoroughly cleaned all my guns and applied Gun Juice. It worked very well as a cleaner and even made them shine after buffing. The slides and bolt actions worked much smoother too.

Next I took my guns to the range to see if the claims about increased velocity, better accuracy etc. were true. I only ran 5 wet patches through each barrel between shots, so looking back I didn’t completely treat the bores. My friend also purchased some with similar results.

Treatment Results
Although I didn’t notice any real increase in accuracy, the velocities increased on all guns tested. The pistols saw increases from 15-25 fps while my 300 Win Magnum showed an increase of 80 fps. I did notice that while cleaning the bores after returning from the range, that they were much easier to clean then before (using only Gun Juice). The exterior of the guns were much easier to clean too!

When I inherited a stainless 30.06 and gave it the Gun Juice treatment I was a little disappointed when it only showed a 50 fps increase in velocity on the chronograph. The problem was that I was about 15 wet patches/shots shy of proper treatment for stainless steel. I fully expect to pickup another 50 to 75 fps after properly finishing the treatment.

I have spoken to benchrest shooters who during initial treatment actually clean the bore between each shot and wet patch application. They brag about achieving unbelievable results of well over 200 fps. increase in velocity, better accuracy and extended barrel life not to mention smoother operation and a more durable finish.

It’s Worth the Extra Treatment Time
I know it sounds like a lot of trouble to initially treat your firearms with Gun Juice the right way, but you only have to do it “ONCE” and that treatment lasts forever! It takes temperatures of over 725 degrees Fahrenheit or a grinder to remove the resin material deposited in a Gun Juice treatment. Ten years later, I haven’t lost any of the increased velocity gained through applying the product and I don’t worry about rust anymore either.

The Ultimate Test!
Last summer, I got caught out on my ATV during a thunder storm and got pretty wet. I was wearing a nylon/cloth like holster with my blued .38 Special in it. As it turned out, I somehow left my .38 in the wet holster for over a week. After discovering my mistake, I carefully examined the revolver for rust.

After wiping off the moisture, the gun appeared perfectly normal except for a couple small rust spots (on the serial number) that I had failed to treat properly with Gun Juice. To me this was the ultimate test of the products protective qualities.

Gun Juice isn’t just for firearms, it works on any metal surface where you need to reduce friction, lower temperatures and prevent corrosion. I use it on all my reloading presses, dies, fishing reels, archery equipment, knives tools etc.

Gun Juice’s Simple 3 Step Treatment Process

  • First… it cleans deep into the pores of the metal surface.
  • Second… it applies a protective anti-corrosive coating.
  • Third… the tiny resin particles are permanently impregnated into the metal surface.


To compliment Gun Juice, I’ve been experimenting with the Precision Oiler for hard to reach places or just as a superior oil for use in firearms and it works great! I have also use the Assembly Lube for a medium duty gun grease that lasts longer then conventional gun grease. For hard use automatic pistols and AR15 type rifles, nothing beats the Microlon Wheel Bearing Grease. As a matter of fact, the Microlon Wheel Bearing Grease is all I use now for all my automatic firearms along with the precision Oiler for hard to reach places and springs. A thin film is all that’s needed (I use a mini makeup brush for application)

The nice thing about all the above products, is that they they are all synthetic based products and contain the same Microlon resin found in the Gun Juice. So while lubing your firearms, they are also treating them with the Microlon metal treatment.

How to Apply Microlon Gun Juice

Gun Barrel Bores…
Step 1 – Thoroughly clean the bore with your favorite bore cleaner (Hoppe’s, Shooters Choice etc.). Clean until ALL lead, copper and other fouling is COMPLETELY removed.

Step 2 – Go to the shooting range, shake the Microlon Liquid well, wet a patch with Gun Juice and run through the barrel, fire a round through the wet barrel. Repeat 9 more times for regular steel barrels, 19 more times for stainless steel barrels. The barrel is now permanently treated for life and will be much easier to clean from now on.

Gun Surfaces…
Step 1 – Shake the Gun Juice well and apply to all gun metal surfaces (use the first application to clean the metal surfaces) and wipe dry.

Step 2 – Heat the gun surfaces with a hair dryer.

Step 3 – Apply a liberal coating of (well shaken) Gun Juice to all metal surfaces while warm.

Step 4 – Dry the Gun Juice liquid on the metal with the hair dryer.

Step 5 – Use a clean dry rag or chamois to thoroughly polish the dried resin into the open pores of the metal.

Repeat… steps 2 thru 5, four more times and the metal surfaces on your gun are permanently treated and protected. Do not treat wood stocks and grips or any non-metal surfaces. Just wipe off any spills on non-metal surfaces if necessary.

Note: aluminum and stainless steel require twice the treatment due to their more porous nature. Also tenifer and other metal coating processes that permanently cover the metal on some firearms will prevent Gun Juice from properly applying its protective coating. In these instances a little Microlon Assembly Lube or the Precision Oilier will do the job just fine.

The initial treatment mentioned above gives permanent lasting protection to your firearm and precludes the need for future lubrication for many surfaces. However many hard to reach places are difficult to treat with Gun Juice alone so I use the Microlon Precision Oiler on these hard to reach places

The Gun Juice liquid is an excellent cleaner/degreaser that you can use on a regular basis for cleaning firearms and some added protection. A properly treated bore shouldn’t require any solvent other then Gun Juice to clean in the future.

Microlon CL-100 is the name for Gun Juice sold in bulk without the pretty packaging. CL-100 is also the premium engine treatment for aircraft and high performance vehicles, cycles and boats. Many people buy it by the gallon to save money and treat all their vehicles and firearms out of the same container.


PLEASE NOTE… We ship Microlon Products only! to addresses within the United States of America!

The Following Shipping Rates apply to the Lower 48 United States ONLY!
Orders Totaling $49 and more – FREE SHIPPING!
Orders Totaling $25 to $48.99 – $6.50 Flat Rate
Orders Totaling $24.99 or Less – $4.50 Flat Rate
*Nevada Residents are charged 7.100% State Sales Tax
**Alaska & Hawaii Residents, Please Email For Shipping Costs!

Gun Juice 1 oz.$8.95 Your Price $8.05 + $4.50 SHIPPING!(Free Shipping applies when final order totals $50 or more)

CL-100 (Gun Juice) 4 oz.$29.95 Your Price $26.96 + $6.50 SHIPPING!(Free Shipping applies when final order totals $50 or more)

CL-100 (Gun Juice) 8 oz. – $$55.95 Your Price! $50.35 + FREE SHIPPING!

CL-100 (Gun Juice) 16 oz. – $$99.95 Your Price! $89.95 + FREE SHIPPING!

CL-100 (Gun Juice) 1 Gal. – $$699.95 Your Price! $629.95 + FREE SHIPPING!

Microlon Precision Oiler .25 oz. For Firearms$7.95 Your Price $7.15 + $4.50 SHIPPING!(Free Shipping applies when final order totals $50 or more)

Microlon Assembly Lubricant .75 oz. For Firearms$8.95 Your Price $8.05 + $4.50 SHIPPING!(Free Shipping applies when final order totals $50 or more)

Microlon Assembly Lubricant 2 oz. For Firearms$19.95 Your Price $17.96 + $4.50 SHIPPING!(Free Shipping applies when final order totals $50 or more)

Microlon Wheel Bearing Grease 4 oz. For Firearms$19.95 Your Price $17.96 + $4.50 SHIPPING!(Free Shipping applies when final order totals $50 or more)

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