Outdoor Gear Tips and Reviews!

Outdoor Gear
Tips and Reviews!

Find the best outdoor gear for your favorite outdoor activity. Here you’ll find tips, info and reviews for hiking gear, camping gear, fishing and hunting gear. With just a little research before your next outdoor goodies shopping spree, you can enjoy more of the time spent in the outdoors without dealing with the hassles associated with poor gear selection.

The main consideration is, do you really need the best, most expensive outdoor gear or can you get by with somewhat less. In my case, I have a combination of both top name and cheaper brand gear. The problem is that it is really hard to properly evaluate certain outdoor gear unless you actually use it over a long period of time. Don’t assume that the more expensive gear is always the best and that the cheaper equipment is most often of lesser quality.

Recently I went shopping for some hunting clothes at cabelas. Before going I researched all the online reviews for the type of gear I felt that I wanted. These outer garments were required for a December spot and stalk Bow Hunt. It turns out that the pants and top I needed were very expensive, more than I was willing to pay, so I went with a less expensive second choice that was on sale. As it turned out, the cheaper pair was exactly what I needed and the more expensive option would not have worked at all for my style of hunting.

When it comes to hats and gloves, considering that I live in the high Nevada desert, minutes from the High Sierras, two types of headgear suit all my outdoor needs. A military type, cameo boonie works well for spring, summer and fall fishing and on above freezing winter days. The boonie also makes a great beach hat and yard work companion. My other favorite is an arctic beanie, it is light weight, about an oz and can be stuffed into a shirt pocket. Not to mention warm and wind proof. It also wicks the moisture away from your head for maximum comfort.

Owning gear that can be used under many conditions is a great benefit too! For example I wear the same hiking shoes when I ride ATVs, hike, fish and hunt all in a variety of weather conditions. You also can carry the same knife for most outings and my Handheld GPS is an all-weather, automobile capable, outdoor mapping unit. I also carry a mini LED flashlight where ever I go. The list goes on; think about finding outdoor equipment for all seasons that you can use and enjoy year around.

If you are like me, you have a garage full of miscellaneous outdoor gear bought throughout the years, many no longer used. Several of these items were acquired on impulse, some were wild guesses and others involved obviously bad decisions. The objective here is to help you make better decisions regarding gear selection. Strangely, I now seem to have all the hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear that I require. These include Various optics, clothing, knives, safety items, GPS, cameras and much more. I just can’t seem to find a reason to buy anything else!

In the coming weeks and months, we will focus on some of the more popular outdoor gear and proper selection techniques for each.

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